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Faceparty was created by Andrew David & Phineas Kibbey in the year 2000 whilst working on a different site. From there they created what came to be the UK’s biggest Social Network, Faceparty. By June in 2006 the site had over 6 million members and 35,000 new sign-ups every week.

Anarchy Towers Takeover In 2008 Faceparty announced that a new company called Anarchy Towers Ltd would be takin over Faceparty from its current proprieters CIS Internet Ltd. At the same time all advertising was removed from the site and 14 of the 18 staff were laid off. The goal was to become less “corporate”.
Shortly after this announcement Anarchy Towers started to cause Anarchy by removing 7 million users from its database – leaving 200,000. 

There have been a number of reasons why suggested, we believe it is a combination:The site was over run with affiliate spammers, that are paid per sign-up on Adult Webcam sites.Faceparty was having problems complying with the UK Governments new child protection laws because they never forced members to verify there e-mail address.Anarchy Towers Ltd had to pay-per user when buying it from CIS Internet Ltd.

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Faceparty Password After the 7,000,000 users were removed Faceparty implmented an “Invite” only system to prevent Spammers and other unwated members regaining access. This system was left in place until June 2009 at which point it changed to a more commercial model. People who really wanted to rejoin Faceparty could now do so by texting a number (with a charge of £25 / $50.00) and get the password back. The site also offers an alternative of paying via PayPal for access.

Personally we find that to be quite a lot of money just to get a password so we have joined Dating Direct instead, a pretty good alternative for us atleast.Other Significant Events on FacepartyIn 2006 Faceparty was censured for running an advertisement that stated people who were wearing Blue Skin clothing would get laid easily. The Advertising Standards Authority recieved a complaint from a member of the public. There was strong objection to the advertisement because of the younger users of the Faceparty Website.

Three men were sentenced to jail at the High Court for sexually abusing a 13 year old school girl who they met and communicated with through the Faceparty website in June 2008. Faceparty then closed the site for 24 hour due to bad feedback and comments from members of the site.Just a couple months later in August 2008 Faceparty rolled out a landing page that every visitor would have to view before entering the site – a video ridiculing the Queen’s speech and pedophilia.Then in November three men pleaded guilty to a multitude of crimes involving another school girl, 14 years old who they had contacted via Faceparty. All three men claimed they weren’t aware of the girls age and that she was inviting. These events only came to light after a 4th man was jailed for statutory rape of the same girl.

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