Preventing Failures in Internet Dating

Are you worried that Internet dating might not be for you? If you think you can’t handle online dating and fail at it, then you’ll need the following tips on how to succeed:

Using a lewd user name. Your name will affect the impression that other dating members will have on you. If you have a lewd user name, it would be easier for them to conclude that you might be a pervert that needs to be avoided. This kind of user name will also attract nasty personalities online. If you are looking for a serious relationship with a decent person, choose your user name wisely.
Not posting your photo. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by online dating members. If your profile lacks photos, you might not attract enough attention. People usually ignore those profiles without a photo. They might think that you are not confident enough in the way you look or that you are not serious about finding someone online if you don’t exert enough effort to upload photos.
Not specifying your partner requirements. Aside from revealing your personal information, you also need to write about what you’re looking for in a partner. This will help the dating site point you to possible matches, while weeding out undesirable profiles.
Not replying to other people. If you receive from someone who expressed an interest in you and you are interested in that person too, don’t hesitate to send a reply. That simple message might be the start of the romance that you’re looking for.
Not updating and visiting your page again. After signing up for Internet dating and creating a profile, it’s important to visit your page regularly to check messages and look at other people’s profiles. If your profile looks like it was abandoned, don’t be surprised if no one even attempts to contact you.
Not putting enough information on your ad. It’s not enough to create your profile. You have to make it stand out. Give interesting details about yourself without compromising your privacy.

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You can use these pointers to navigate your way around the world of Internet dating. But more than that, these tips will increase your chances of finding the one. click here for more……

Prepping Up for a Date

Getting yourself ready for a date might sometimes feel like preparing yourself for your first panel presentation. You want to look good and plan what to say ahead of time. However, we can’t really control how the date would go or how it would actually end. We just need to be ready and confident about ourselves.

So before we get too excited for that big day, here are few of the things to prepare before that most awaited night to avoid untoward circumstances.
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Get Sweaty and Feel Great
When we say feel great it doesn’t mean that you just have to think of happy thoughts. It also has something to do with being ready physically. Yes, physically active and awake. Get your body to work with exercise days before that special day and you’ll eventually understand that going in a date is like getting ready in a war. Being physically fit is essential so that when you are already in that moment you’d be effortlessly ready; rejuvenated and perfect for any outfit.
Open the Closet
First impressions will always stick so don’t put yourself at the bottom when you are given the time to prepare. Get yourself busy on choosing the right outfit that would represent you. In this moment you are expected to be yourself, chose attire that you are comfortable with but make sure that you won’t go out of style.
Be fashionable without looking too over prepared and consider all the possibilities that would happen so think ahead of time. For example, if you are a sweaty person, don’t choose garments that are light enough for your date to notice your wet underarms believe me, you’ll never forget that date for the rest of your life. I you really have no idea of what to wear, you could get some ideas from the outfits on the magazine. If you already have something in mind try imagining yourself wearing it and ask yourself if you are comfortable in that outfit.
Be Mentally Ready
We can’t avoid awkward moments in a date, especially when you are running out of topics, or it might be the other way where your date has a lot of topics prepared to talk about. Be mentally present so if ever your date will pull out a question from the hat, you’d be able to answer it fluently. Read books in advance or do some reading from the internet or newspapers. Politics and other recent hot issues may be asked randomly so make time scanning and get informed so that you won’t be left tongue tied. Be intellectually prepared. You don’t know how intellectual your date would be.
Take a Bubble Bath
When you are already ready for that date and get things all set. Now it’s time to get yourself some cleaning. On the same day, take time to pamper yourself in the shower and do some exfoliating. Feeling clean and fresh is a must before a date because it will give you the confidence that you need. See to it that you have everything cleaned from head to toe, do some pedicure and manicure, soak your hair in conditioner and do other skin detoxifying. It’s nice to feel clean and confident; just always keep things naturally so that you won’t look too scripted. Do away with heavy makeup or overpowering aroma; just do things calmly and natural; it’s sexier.
Be Optimistic
Always think positive, though the situation gives you the thrill you sometimes tend to think about what “ifs” in a date. Stop and just divert your attention to the situation and be positive. The main reason that you are in a date is because you wanted to meet the person or get to know him better; so there is no reason to think negatively just be calm and be natural. Have that positive aura, it’ll radiate throughout the date. load more…

History of Faceparty

Unable to join Faceparty? We recommend Dating Direct as an alternative.
Faceparty was created by Andrew David & Phineas Kibbey in the year 2000 whilst working on a different site. From there they created what came to be the UK’s biggest Social Network, Faceparty. By June in 2006 the site had over 6 million members and 35,000 new sign-ups every week.
Anarchy Towers Takeover In 2008 Faceparty announced that a new company called Anarchy Towers Ltd would be takin over Faceparty from its current proprieters CIS Internet Ltd. At the same time all advertising was removed from the site and 14 of the 18 staff were laid off. The goal was to become less “corporate”.
Shortly after this announcement Anarchy Towers started to cause Anarchy by removing 7 million users from its database – leaving 200,000. 
There have been a number of reasons why suggested, we believe it is a combination:The site was over run with affiliate spammers, that are paid per sign-up on Adult Webcam sites.Faceparty was having problems complying with the UK Governments new child protection laws because they never forced members to verify there e-mail address.Anarchy Towers Ltd had to pay-per user when buying it from CIS Internet Ltd.
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Faceparty Password After the 7,000,000 users were removed Faceparty implmented an “Invite” only system to prevent Spammers and other unwated members regaining access. This system was left in place until June 2009 at which point it changed to a more commercial model. People who really wanted to rejoin Faceparty could now do so by texting a number (with a charge of £25 / $50.00) and get the password back. The site also offers an alternative of paying via PayPal for access.
Personally we find that to be quite a lot of money just to get a password so we have joined Dating Direct instead, a pretty good alternative for us atleast.Other Significant Events on FacepartyIn 2006 Faceparty was censured for running an advertisement that stated people who were wearing Blue Skin clothing would get laid easily. The Advertising Standards Authority recieved a complaint from a member of the public. There was strong objection to the advertisement because of the younger users of the Faceparty Website.
Three men were sentenced to jail at the High Court for sexually abusing a 13 year old school girl who they met and communicated with through the Faceparty website in June 2008. Faceparty then closed the site for 24 hour due to bad feedback and comments from members of the site.Just a couple months later in August 2008 Faceparty rolled out a landing page that every visitor would have to view before entering the site – a video ridiculing the Queen’s speech and pedophilia.Then in November three men pleaded guilty to a multitude of crimes involving another school girl, 14 years old who they had contacted via Faceparty. All three men claimed they weren’t aware of the girls age and that she was inviting. These events only came to light after a 4th man was jailed for statutory rape of the same girl.
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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

The online dating is a fast – paced source of finding a partner nowadays. It will really help you to find the partner that is compatible with the taste of an individual. But, these can have advantages and disadvantages.
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One advantage of online dating is that they can have much access to any potential partners that they can be with for the rest of their daily lives. It also provides personality tests that can enable them to see how the personality of that person works as the days pass by.
But, if there are advantages, it also has disadvantages and one of these disadvantages is that they will be confused in choosing their partner because of the man possible matches to their tastes. And, even though, personality tests are provided, the behavior of a person can still change as the days pass by. read more……

Are You Dating the Wrong Girl?

When you embark on a new relationship, all you see are rainbows and ponies. You love hearing her smile, talk, and laugh. But when the novelty of your relationship wears off, when everything starts feeling old, you might ask yourself, “are you dating the wrong girl?” You might still have fun with her, but it’s not just the same. If you need dating advice to figure out what’s wrong with you, here are some signs that will tell you if you’re dating the wrong girl:
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You get annoyed easily when you’re together. It’s only now that you notice the things that irritate you about her, things that you used to ignore when you first started your relationship. The things that you used to consider as pretty and cute before are now easier to ignore so you can avoid getting annoyed with her. Now, you feel wary about seeing those things that tick you off when you go on a date.
You’re no longer as interested in her. She’s talking over a romantic dinner, yet you find yourself spacing out. You seem to have less patience to actively listen to her while she is talking. It is not that you are not interested in the topic that she is discussing or that you are too tired to be attentive to her. It’s just that you are not interested in anything that you do together with her. You can accept the fact that not all conversations you have with her is interesting, but you should at least have the desire to pay attention to her most of the time.
You don’t want to join her family gatherings. If you keep making excuses not to escort her during a family member or relative’s birthday party, wedding, or any other family event, this is an even bigger confirmation that your relationship is no longer working. It makes sense to listen to the dating advice that you should be honest with her about your feelings. By avoiding her family gatherings, you are already distancing yourself from her and the possible impact that you might make in her life.
You don’t include her in your plans for your life. Being in a relationship means including her in your activities, personal or professional. You could take her when you meet up with friends or invite her as your date to some work events. But if you stop doing this and try to hide these events from her, then it means that you might be happier if she is not around.
You don’t feel excited about meeting her. Even if you have been dating for some time, the excitement of seeing her does not fade completely. But if you don’t feel happy every time she sets up a date for you and prefer to watch TV at home instead, it’s another sign that you no longer feel something special for her.

If you don’t want to break up with her just because you don’t want to get into the nervous stage of starting another relationship or if you don’t want to hurt her feelings, you should listen to this dating advice – deal with it. It will lift the burden of pretending that nothing is wrong with your relationship. It will also help her move on and find a man who really loves her. Discover more..…


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